Ion Brown is a New Zealand aritst who paints in oils. Formally the New Zealand Army Artist, he resides in Napier and continues to produce Oil Paintings in an impressionist style from the Hawkes Bay area and further afield.

Waipatiki Beach
Waipatiki Beach

8 " x 14 "

Ion Brown is one of New Zealand's foremost painter in oils, working in an impressionist and figurative style. His unbounded enthusiasm for his chosen field, coupled with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, has brought together in Ion the essential academic skills and energy to produce work which is appreciated by collectors in New Zealand and world wide.

Ions work can be viewed and purchased through contacting his email and through the galleries listed.

"My love for art has been with me all my life. The overwhelming desire and excitement to create manifests like an addictive adrenalin rush. It is still with me today. The challenge to capture 'life and light', the fleeting moment of time, on canvas with luscious pigmented oil paint takes me to another place."
- Ion Brown 2007